Fishing in Hawkes Bay Forward 6

Long gill nets of various sizes and configurations are set in areas along the coast. The type of net and the fishing grounds vary in accordance to season and type of fish that is being caught. Sting-rays are caught with very large-meshed nets in shallow, sandy-bottomed areas whereas other fish are caught further offshore with medium-meshed nets configured for a rockier bottom. Other type of nets include bottom nets that lie flat near the sea floor in order to catch animals such as bottom fish, lobsters, and crabs.

This boat is manned by a father and son team who has been fishing out of Buleji all their lives. Noor Mohammed's brother returned to fishing in the early 1990s after trying to work as a teacher in a Karachi-based school. Other siblings are employed in other nearby business, including the Karachi Nuclear Power Plant. These jobs are usually not permanent, but provide a much-needed supplement to the fishing incomes.