Trenches Aa and Ac in Progress SP 3431

"In order to trace some more walls of the two blocks of the Great Granary Mr. Sahni made a few stray extensions about the centre of Trench A both towards the east and west. In the former direction, that part which lies to the north of corridor <é> was termed Ab, and the one to the south as Aa, while the two small westward extensions were termed Ac and Ad....

In the extension Aa were found in Stratum II a broken unicorn seal (Ab102, Pl, LXXXVI, 27), and a large spoon of shells (Aa167, 1. 7 1/2 in.), the largest so far found at Harappa or Mohenjo-daro. Further down, in the following stratum, were recovered a fragmentary unicorn seat (Aa30) showing part of the animal, with the incense-burner and only one surviving pictogram, as well as a corner
piece of another steatite seal (No. Aa31)."

- Madho Sarup Vats, Excavations at Harappa: Being an account of archaeological excavations at Harappa carried out between the years 1920-21 and 1933-34. Volume I - Text; Volume II - 139 Plates., pg 23.

This photograph of Trench A (e) (Vats 1947, Plate IX) is taken from the northwestern edge of the excavations and the higher Mound AB is seen in the background. The fragmentary wall sections show that this area was also heavily robbed of bricks. A small circular well is seen in the center of the photo. Wells were not very common at Harappa as there is evidence for a large water reservoir to the east of Mound F and north of Mound E.
- Jonathan Mark Kenoyer, 2023.

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[Original caption] View of trenches Aa and Ac during progress of work N.

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