Large Earthen Chati unearthed in Long Trench in Mound F 4

"It was at this point that the large earthen jar (No. A 233 of the list and photo. No. 2741) came to light. The contents of this vessel were a number of domes­tic earthenware utensils, a stone chess figure, etc."

- Daya Ram Sahni, Annual Progress Report of the Archaeological Survey [of India], Hindu and Buddhist Monuments, Northern Circle for the Year Ending 31st March 1921, p. 10.

"Large vessels with similar contents were excavated by the HARP and appear to have been used as sump pot for discarding trash or as a latrine. The contents often include small pottery vessels, called “lota” that could have been used to dip water used in washing after using the toilet. Other items in the pot such as a terracotta figurine and a gaming piece would have been lost in the toilet and not retrieved. For a similar jar excavated in the same general area on Mound F see a small baked brick structure with sump pots."

- Jonathan Mark Kenoyer, 2021.

ASI Description: 

A 233 A large earthen chati, plain except for black lines around the body, which was badly cracked, but whose contents were once crucible (height 4 1/2"), one lota (height 6") with projecting base, one terracotta ram (length 2 1/2"), one earthen bangle, one stone chess figure, a wheel, etc. etc.

[Appendix D] 2741 Harappa – Large earthen chati unearthed in long trench in mound F at 400' from the north-west end about 12' below the surface. After cleaning.

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A 233
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20 x 5
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