Indus Investigators - Mohenjodaro Mystery

A school trip to the 4000 year old ruins of the city of Mohenjodaro, should be exciting, interesting and fun! Not if Mina and Yasin's teacher is in charge, with her long list of questions and plenty of homework for afterwards.

Can the children enter a time warp and see the city come alive? Mina and Yasin become true investigators, as the awesome One-Horn Beast, and Cart Man, Bull, and 'Plenty' figurines guide them on the quest; to find out about life in Mohenjodaro before it was deserted forever and one of the oldest civilisations in the world was forgotten in the mists of time. The children have fun, adventures and scares along the way.

The publisher says: 'Packed with vivid details, this book is not only an exciting read about a quest to unearth a forgotten story, but is also deeply informative about the Indus civilisation.' The adventure is intended to excite children about the archaeology of Mohenjodaro, and its intriguing puzzles, introducing the great archaeologists and Indus script scholars and their interpretations, past and present. It has been praised by Asko Parpola, Iravatham Mahadevan, Shanti Pappu and Jonathan Mark Kenoyer.

Meet the characters who normally reside in museums, reviews, and more about the book at Indus Investigators web pages, link below

Scholastic India, 2010 (South Asia book rights only) Paperback
ISBN 978-81-8477-657-7 Book rights outside South Asia and all non book rights belong to the Author