Frontiers of the Indus Civilization: Sir Mortimer Wheeler Commemoration Volume

An important collection of over 50 (!) essays on all aspects of the Indus civilization, by numerous luminaries in the field, covering everything from terminology to materials, class structure, script and art. Authors includes B.B. Lal, Dilip K. Chakrabarti, R.S. Bisht, George F. Dales, Jonathan Mark Kenoyer, Gregory L. Possehl, Asko Parpola, S.R. Rao, Walter Fairservis, K.A.R. Kennedy, Bridget Alchin and many more. A classic compilation in honor of an archaeologist many of the writers knew.

Hardcover: 545 pages
Publisher: Published by Books & Books on behalf of Indian Archaeological Society jointly with Indian History & Culture Society (1984)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0856722316
ISBN-13: 978-0856722318