Modern views of ancient Indus Valley sites.

Modern Harappa

A view of modern Harappa city which is built on top of a large portion of the ancient mound. Many of the streets and houses of the modern town are built directly above earlier streets and houses of ancient Harappa.

Fish in brine pit

Medium and large fish are then placed into a brine pit and soak up salty brine before being placed in the sun. The meat is not usually used for human consumption, although it is traded into the interiors of Baluchistan and Sindh Provinces.

Wild caper trees

The new green shoots of the thorny wild caper trees of Sindh and Punjab can be crushed with alkaline salts to create a paint-like substance that will bleach white lines on carnelian when heated to the proper temperature.

Modern Harappa Granary

A good counter example to "Great Granary" having been used to store grain is this actual granary popular in the villages surrounding Harappa. Grain is stored in earthen structures, and accessed as needed through a re-sealable hole at the bottom.