Excavators working at ancient Indus Valley civilization sites.


The locations of all important artifacts from Trench 54 South were carefully mapped using standard triangulation methods supplemented by printouts of digital overviews.

Trench 11 excavations

The Trench 11 area showing the perimeter wall (on the left), the curtain wall, and the Period 3C drain that cut deeply into the Period 3B deposits (see the labeled plan in 72). The sediments outside of the perimeter wall are hard packed ashy debris

Excavation team

Excavation of the Late Harappan Period habitation levels was undertaken by the Harappa Project in 1996 in Trench 38 under the direction of Manabu Koiso, Japan (front left seated with red turban) and Field Director J.

Bead Pot

Careful excavations of the pot by J. M. Kenoyer required several weeks. This was done in the evenings after other excavation lab work was finished. The pot and its contents were photographed before and after each layer was removed.