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Web pages support teaching Indus Valley in the curriculum for 7-12 age group. Free resources, childrens Young Historian and animation Projects, & more resources for sale. Created by Ilona Aronovsky, UK's leading exponent of the Indus Valley as a brilliant enquiry & activity topic. See also our list of ancient Indus books for teaching.

Indus Investigators Mohenjodaro Mystery

Ilona Aronovsky's Indus Investigators Mohenjodaro Mystery, (published by, Scholastic India) is a fiction story for children to enjoy, which also teaches them about archaeology and the Indus Valley Civilization. Follow Mina and Yasin as their class trip to the ancient ruins of Mohenjodaro, with their boring teacher, transforms into an adventure which may or may not take them through the barriers of time itself. Their guides on the quest usually reside in museums. Meet the characters on these web pages!