Mound F Harappa Site Map 3

"Six large trenches have been sunk in this mound, viz., three to the west and three to the east of the central belt. The former comprise the Great Granary Area (Trench II) with one small Trench Ae to its south-west and two Trenches Af and Ai to its south, all occupying the north- west quarter of this mound and Trenches IV and V in the south-west quarter. The other three trenches, namely I, III and VI, lie in the eastern part across the central belt. In the following account of explorations in this mound I shall describe each one of these trenches in the above order.

Like the high Mound AB adjoining it on the south, this mound had suffered much from brick-diggers, but in this case the holes left by their operations had become mostly filled up and the mound presented the appearance of being untouched. The lowest of such holes was traced at a depth of 16 ft. in Trench I. From the remains so far uncovered it appears that Harappa lacked the opulence Paucity of of Mohenjo-daro and never had many imposing buildings. Such buildings, how- buildings. ever, as it did possess, have either been swept away almost entirely or mutilated beyond recognition by promiscuous and extensive brick-digging carried on from time immemorial. But if the structural remains on the whole, are disappointing, happily, this is not the case with portable finds. In this respect, apart from its interesting ruins, Mound F has proved exceptionally fertile and has more than repaid the labour expended on its excavation."

- Madho Sarop Vats, Excavations at Harappa, Delhi, 1940, pp. 17.