"Great Bath" Mohenjo-Daro 9

A general view of the "Great Bath" and adjoining rooms. In the background is a massive brick structure referred to as the "Granary". Built on top of a tapered brick platform this building had a solid brick foundation that extended for 50 meters east west and 27 meters north south. The foundation was divided into 27 square and rectangular blocks by narrow passageways, two running east west and 8 running north south. Some of these blocks had square sockets for holding wooden beams or pillars and the entire super structure was thought to have been made of timbers.

Now that the entire structure has been excavated it is impossible to determine what types of artifacts were found in the passageways or nearby rooms, but the lack of charred grain or even storage containers, and the absence of sealings from bundles of goods all raise doubts as to the identification of this structure as a granary or a storehouse. A more appropriate name for this structure would be the "great hall" since it was clearly a large and spacious building with wooden columns and many rooms.