Seal, Mohenjo-daro 34

Seal depicting a deity with horned headdress and bangles on both arms, standing in a pipal (sacred fig) tree and looking down on a kneeling worshiper. A human head rests on a small stool. A giant ram and seven figures in procession complete the narrative. The figures wear a single plumed headdress, bangles on both arms and long skirts.

Several script signs are interspersed with the figures along the top of the seal and a single sign is placed at the base of the tree. This scene may represent a special ritual sacrifice to a deity with seven figures in procession. The seal has a grooved and perforated boss and the edges are worn and rounded from repeated use.

Material: fired tan steatite with traces of glaze
Dimensions: 4.06 x 3.95 cm, 0.8 cm thickness.
Mohenjo-daro DK 6847
Islamabad Museum, NMP 50.295
Mackay 1938: pl. XCIV, 430; pl. XCIX, 686a.