Water buffalo figurine from Harappa 37

Some quadruped figurines are difficult to classify because the general form and many of the attributes of humpless cattle, water buffalo, and even rams may be very similar. Any of the three may have incising on the face and/or horns. Sometimes the shape of the horns and the posture provide the only clues to differentiating them. Some water buffalo figurines have featureless upturned faces and large backswept horns with no incised lines and the ends of the horns may project slightly upward. (Thus the ends of the horns might, in fact, project slightly forward if the head was facing forward, complicating the problem of identification.) However, the raised head is a typical posture for an alarmed water buffalo. Other examples of water buffaloes with raised heads can be found on some of the seals and tablets.

Approximate dimensions (W x H(L) x D): 6.0 x 7.3 x 6.4 cm.