Two Gaming Pieces SP 3409

This excerpt refers to mound F excavations in Extension Ab.

"Another trial trench which had to be cut through a thick layer of earth and debris revealed a huge mass of broken earthen vessels of different shapes and designs varying in size from small earthen bowls and crucibles to to large jars of the type referred to above. The vessels must undoubtedly have been used for domestic purposes. Other portable objects found here included three seals (Plate XIX, figs 16, 17, and 19) two of which are composed of faience and contain only geometric patterns. The third seal is in ivory and contains a legend of one line without any animal device. What appears to be a faience chess-piece also deserves mention.

- Daya Ram Sahni, 1926. Annual Report Of The Archaeological Survey Of India 1923-24, pg 53. Image: Plate XIX, 10 and 11.

Items of this type were classified by Vats as weights (and not game pieces). The two objects in the the slide are not specifically mentioned, but others like it are included in Plate CXVIII, 29-31.

"Weights have been found in very large numbers in all parts of the site and in association with all the strata. Although in the table given below I have included only the finer class of weights made mostly of chert and granite, there can be little doubt but that larger weights of a rougher kind, made, perhaps, of natural pebbles were also in use. The small Harappa weights found up to the year 1927, have already been examined and weighed along with those of Mohenjo-daro by Mr. A. S, Hemmy, late Principal of the Government College, Lahore, who has summarised his results in Chapter XXIX of M. I. C.. In preparing the table appended below I have followed Mr. Hemmy's designations and limits within which those designations apply."

- Madho Sarup Vats, Excavations at Harappa: Being an account of archaeological excavations at Harappa carried out between the years 1920-21 and 1933-34. Volume I - Text; Volume II - 139 Plates., pg 360. Reference images Pl. CXXVII, 29-31.

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[Original caption] Two pieces of chess. probably pawns.

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Mound F Trench A
Mound A-B Trench D