Trench B Excavations Showing Overlapping Walls SP 3374

The section above the wall shows the remains of a deep pit left by the brick robbers. Often when the digging got too deep, they just abandoned the removal of bricks and left the lowest levels of the wall intact. The workman is standing next to a cross wall that projects into the trench. Another fragmentary wall is found in the foreground. Due to the lack of detailed stratigraphic recording, the earlier excavators had no way to correlate these various structures and provide a meaningful interpretation of the excavations.

- Jonathan Mark Kenoyer, 2023.

The photograph is published in Daya Ram Sahni, 1926. Annual Report Of The Archaeological Survey Of India 1923-24. Plate XXb.

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[Original caption] Excavations in Trench B from N.W.

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Site F, Trench B