Steatite Unicorn Seals SP 492

It is worth noting that in these earlier reports, seals were photographed in their original form. In Vats' monograph, photographs of the stamp seals were mostly taken from plaster casts of the originals, i.e. these photographs were the reverse of the original seal. This was done to allow the inscriptions to be read in the correct direction. For more details about the seals, see Vats, 1940.

- Madho Sarup Vats, 1940. Excavations at Harappa: Being an account of archaeological excavations at Harappa carried out between the years 1920-21 and 1933-34. Volume I - Text; Volume II - 139 Plates., pg 316.

These seals have been described in Slides 44 and 23.

- Jonathan Mark Kenoyer, 2023.

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[Original caption] Three unicorn seals

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