Steatite Seals SP 493

These steatite seals are depicted in Sahni's report for 1923-24, although only only is described and its location provided.

The four seals are listed clockwise from the top left.

Seal 1: (Sahni Pl XIX, 13)

Seal 2: Mound A-B, Stratum V (Sahni, Pl XIX, 21)
"In the fifth stratum from the top two brick structures were observed. One of these is a square room with thick walls and paved interior which was divided into two smaller chambers at a later date...The other structure found on this level is a confused mass of brick remains in which a thick wall, thirty feet in length, resting partly on a solidly built platform stands out prominently. A small square seal of white plaster in perfect preservation (Plate XIX. fig.21) was sticking to this wall. "

- Daya Ram Sahni, 1926. Annual Report Of The Archaeological Survey Of India 1923-24., pg 54. Pl.XIX, 21.

Seal 3: (Sahni Pl XIX, 12)

Seal 4: (Sahni Pl. XIX, 17)

The two seals in the top part of the photograph were described in Slides 23 and 25.

The lower two rectangular seals without any animal motif date to the final Harappa Phase Period 3C.

- Jonathan Mark Kenoyer, 2023.

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[Original caption] Harappa Seals

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