Overview of the Excavation at the Northeast Corner of Mound AB SP 3450

The man at the center of this image is likely to be Daya Ram Sahni [see closer view], but further work is needed to absolutely be certain of identity of the individuals in the photographs.

In this overview looking from the southwest to the northeast, the complex of overlapping building foundations is very clearly seen. The plans provided by Sahni do not provide any detailed analysis of the conjoining of the structures, so it is difficult to determine the chronology of the different building phases. The artifacts associated with the upper levels included material from late Gupta period (400-500 CE) such as carved terracotta bricks that would have been used in Hindu temples and Buddhist stupas. Grey ringstones with inscribed lines and carved red sandstone fragments were found with what appear to be Harappan levels.

Most of the artifacts are from mixed deposits due to the depth of the brick robbing. After the discovery of the fragmentary walls shown in this photo, they did not dig to the lower levels of the site.

- Jonathan Mark Kenoyer, 2023.

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[Original photo caption] Mound AB Excavations 1923-24

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