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Mundigak Stone Seals

The center stone button seal is from Period IV (2900-2400 BCE), while the right most stone button seal is similar to ones from Period II (3500-3400 BCE) and Period III (3400-2900 BCE).

"Stone seals appear in Mundigak in their most crude form of

Goblet Caprid

Casal writes: "Thus, on these tasting glasses then so fashionable, we see represented caprids, in particular, with the elongated body and covered with hatching, whose eye is represented by a point in the middle of a large circle, and drawn birds with

Bull's head

Jean-Marie Casal writes "Note also that, during their occupation, the first occupants of Mundigak [which he thought were nomads around 4500 BCE, but now is dated more towards 4000 BCE] already how to make use of copper, the evidence for which was the


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