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Calcutta 1927

Dikshit Calcutta 1927
First Row Standing (from Left to Right): Mr. Sane, Mr. Damle, Mr. Oke, Mr. Bhojraj, Mr. Ghanekar, Mr. Prabhudesai, Mr. Deshpande, Mr. Gokhule. Second Row Standing (from Left to Right): Mr. Junnarkar, Mr. Katri, Mr. Dikshit, Mr. Kulkarni, Mr.

Harappa Mound E

Panoramic view of Mound E with modern Harappa town at the far left. In the center are excavation areas from 1987-1990. At the right is the area of Trench 54, excavated in 2000, that exposes the earliest levels of the ancient Harappan Period city.