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Pipal Tree Goblet

Jean-Marie Casal writes in his book on the enigma of the Indus civilization, in a section called The last days of Mundigak and the problem of Baluchistan: "In Mundigak, the destruction of the first city, roughly at the same time, is probably linked

Bird Whistle

A bird whistle found at Mundigak. Bird whistles are among the most enduring of objects in South Asia, with thousands of years of history behind them as objects of everyday use.

Jonathan Mark Kenoyer writes: "Musical instruments were also made for

Humped Bull Figurine

A humped bull figurine, similar to ones also found in Sohr Damb/Nal in Balochistan, with which Mundigak also shared burial customs in Period III [3400-2900 BCE].

Casal writes, after discussing the caprid [goat] types found on tasting glasses "Among

Pipal Leaf Goblet

"These balloon glasses are characteristic of the urban period [Period IV]. Most often, their decor includes either rows of caprids with an elongated body and hatching in the Iranian style of Susa II, or leaves of the pipal tree so frequent in the


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