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The Indus River

The Indus River as it flows in the Bukkur Gorge between the towns of Sukkur and Rohri some 20 kilometers (km) north of the excavation areas. In the background is the temple island of Sadhbela.

Rohri Hills

The Rohri Hills as they appear along the western fringe of the plateau, facing the fertile Indus Valley, where most of thhe Harappan flint quarries and workshops have been discovered. (The shadow is from the helicopter.)

Calcutta 1927

Dikshit Calcutta 1927
First Row Standing (from Left to Right): Mr. Sane, Mr. Damle, Mr. Oke, Mr. Bhojraj, Mr. Ghanekar, Mr. Prabhudesai, Mr. Deshpande, Mr. Gokhule. Second Row Standing (from Left to Right): Mr. Junnarkar, Mr. Katri, Mr. Dikshit, Mr. Kulkarni, Mr.