Daya Ram Sahni

Chest of a Figurine

"This object is actually part of a composite figurine of a gharial, the narrow snouted crocodile that used to live in the local rivers and ox-bow lakes. The animal is commonly depicted on terracotta and steatite tablets and on intaglio seals.

Female Figurines

It is appropriate that Daya Ram Sahni quickly found female figurines on Mound F at Harappa as he made the first incisions. Female figurines greatly outnumber those of men at ancient Indus sites.

An earthenware ring

In his 1921 summary of pottery finds, Daya Ram Sahni called out "earthenware rests for dishes or pitchers" of which this one was considered the prime example (p. 13). "This type of ring stand was made to support large jars with narrow or rounded