A Walk Around Harappa

The mounds of ancient Harappa, 200 kilometers south of Lahore, today. Includes the so-called granary (Mound F), workingmen's platforms, large drains (Mound AB), ringstones and the many of the unexcavated areas. 45 slides.

Photographed by Omar Khan.

1. Harappa One Kilometer Roadsign
2. Harappa Mound AB From Crop Fields
3. The Central Area of Mound A/AB, Harappa
4. Large Drain, Mound AB, Harappa
5. Harappa Mound AB
6. Excavations near center of Mound AB, Harappa
7. Mound AB Center Area
8. Mound ET Gateway with corbeled drain, Harappa
9. Corbeled drain and Mound ET gateway, Harappa
10. Mysterious circular platforms, Harappa
11. Workmen's platforms, Harappa
12. Re-constructed Workman's platform, Harappa
13. Great Granary in Mound F, Harappa
14. "Granary" or Mound F Rooms, Harappa
15. Harappa Granary Area
16. "Great Granary," Harappa
17. Mound F Room, Harappa
18. Inside the Granary, Mound F, Harappa
19. Granary, Mound F, Harappa
20. A newly discovered button seal fragment, Harappa
21. Harappa Unexcavated Mound AB
22. Mound AB, Harappa
23. Modern town of Harappa
24. Mound AB edge, Harappa
25. Large houses, Mound AB, Harappa
26. Unexcavated Areas, Harappa
27. Newly Discovered Bracelet, Harappa
28. Unexcavated Debris, Harappa
29. Giant Ringstones, Harappa
30. Indus Ringstone Close Harappa
31. Unexcavated Mounds at Harappa
32. Jonathan Mark Kenoyer with a Worker at Harappa
33. Contemporary doorway, Harappa
34. Doorways in modern Harappa
35. Modern Harappa Granary
36. Contemporary Bath, Harappa
37. Contemporary Bathing area in Harappa
38. Exposed Pottery Sherd, Harappa
39. Unexcavated Areas of Harappa
40. Discarded pottery sherds, Harappa
41. Pottery Sherds at Harappa
42. Wall, Harappa
43. Unexcavated Areas, Harappa
44. Unexcavated Area of Mound E, Harappa
45. Guard hut, Harappa