Mystery at Mound F, Harappa

The Circular Platforms and so-called Granary at Harappa, two puzzling structures. By Richard H. Meadow and Jonathan Mark Kenoyer.

1. Plan view of the so-called "granary" at Harappa
2. Overview of the Harappa "granary" area
3. Excavations at the corner of the "granary" area
4. A small baked brick structure with sump pots
5. Intaglio seal with script and unicorn
6. Baked brick revetment of the "granary" platform
7. A massive baked brick revetment wall
8. A broken steatite tablet
9. A small faience ram amulet
10. The northwest corner of the "granary" platform
11. Northwestern portion of the "granary" platform
12. Excavations at the southeast corner of the "granary" structure
13. the original forms of the baked brick walls and hollow buttresses of the "granary"
14. Clearing outside the southeast corner of the "granary"
15. Aerial view of the exposed southeastern portion
16. Photographing the southeastern portion
17. Deep digging at the southeast corner of the "granary"
18. Detail view of a hollow area
19. Hollow baked brick buttresses
20. Excavation of one buttress
21. Detail view of the fill inside the "granary" buttress
22. Granary without sediment and artifacts
23. Reconstruction of granary
24. Excavations conducted in narrow space
25. J. Mark Kenoyer videoed the "granary"
26. Empty channel between two "granary" walls.
27. An interior area in the southeast part of the "granary"
28. Looking toward the interior of the "granary" structure
29. View, After completing the excavation
30. Excavations along the northeast perimeter of Mound F
31. Harappa domestic structures with hearths and large jar
32. Detail of Harappa domestic structures
33. Large jar set into the floor of one of the small rooms, Harappa
34. Excavation of the fill inside the jar
35. The upturned rim of a jar
36. William Belcher removing charcoal
37. Richard Meadow photographing
38. The interior part of the city wall
39. Superimposed street levels inside the city wall
40. Mound F Harappa Section drawing
41. Drummers helping in excavations work, Harappa
42. Overview of the upper levels of the excavations
43. Interiors of the rooms filled with surprises
44. Detail of terracotta tops
45. Faience button seal
46. Glazed steatite, faience bead, and unfinished steatite seal
47. Black and white spiral faience bead
48. Large lumps of a bluish grey paste
49. Harappa unique cylindrical object made of maroon and white faience
50. A broken terracotta bird cage
51. Reconstructed Bird Cage, Harappa
Harappa Terracotta bangle fragments 52. Terracotta bangle fragments
53. Detail of terracotta bangle, Harappa
54. Black steatite wig, Harappa
55. Drawing of black steatite wig
56. Large unicorn seal
57. Collections of broken pottery
58. Part of an antler
59. Late Harappan Vessel
60. Late Indus Globular Pot
61. Late Indus Reconstructed Pot
62. Harappan Kiln
63. Late Indus kiln fire box
64. Late Harappan Pottery
65. Well preserved ancient Indus living floors
66. Circular platform and the "Granary" area , Harappa
67. Ancient Indus weight discovery
68. Spherical agate weight with one side flattened
69. Excavation in progress
70. Collection of human and animal figurines
71. Female figurine
72. Female figurine
73. Male figurine
74. Male figurine
75. Male figurine
76. Excavating a red stoneware bangle
77. Red stoneware bangle
78. Discovering a broken unicorn seal.
79. Unicorn seal
80. Unicorn seal