Mohenjo Daro, or "Mound of the Dead" is an ancient Indus Valley Civilization city that flourished between 2600 and 1900 BCE. The site was discovered in the 1920s and lies in Pakistan's Sindh province. Only a handful of archaeologists have excavated here, described in the introduction and illustrated essay Mohenjodaro: An Ancient Indus Valley Metropolis.

These 103 indexed images were taken over 30 years. Most have not been published before. By Jonathan Mark Kenoyer.

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1. Lower Town in the mist
2. Indus River at Mohenjo-daro
3. Mohenjo-daro "Citadel" mound and Stupa in the mist
4. Kids in Mohenjo-daro
5. Sunrise over Mohenjo-daro
6. Mohenjo-daro "Citadel" Mound and Stupa
7. The Indus River and "lower town"
8. Farmlands to the west of Mohenjo-daro
9. Northeastern sector of Mohenjo-daro: DK-G area north
10. Northeastern sector of Mohenjo-daro: DK-G area south
11. Mohenjo Daro Lower Town: VS Area
12. Mohenjo Daro Lower Town: HR Area
13. Mohenjo Daro Lower Town: VS Area
14. Mohenjo-daro Lower Town: HR area and Stupa
15. Mohenjo-daro Lower Town: VS area and Stupa View
16. Mohenjo-daro Lower Town: Main Street HR/VS area and stupa view
17. Conservation of brick walls in DK - G Area, Lower Town
18. Eroded surface of the mound DK-I Area
19. Room in between L and SD Areas
20. Lower Town: HR Area mud brick platforms
21. Nodule and Pottery Foundation fill, HR Area
22. Excavation Debris Pile, DK-I Area
23. Great Bath and Granary, SD Area
24. Great Bath and Granary, SD Area, looking west from the stupa mound
25. Great Bath, SD Area, looking north
26. Lower ledge inside the Great Bath, SD Area, southern edge, looking east
27. Great Bath, SD Area, looking north
28. Great Bath, SD Area, looking north
29. Lower ledge and Drain outlet, Great Bath, SD Area, looking west
30. Great Bath, SD Area
31. Corbelled Drain exiting the Great Bath
32. Looking out from inside the drain
33. L Area as seen from the Stupa Mound
34. L Area
35. Pillared Hall, L Area
36. Pillared Hall, L Area
37. Lower Street 3, HR Area
38. College Building Courtyard, SD Area
39. Gateway (ACC Area) with Stupa in background
40. Granary, SD and REM area
41. Eroded face of Granary
42. View of well to the east of the Granary
43. Western Staircase, House I, HR area
44. House I, HR area
45. Well surrounded by paving, DK-B area
46. Well surrounded by paving, DK-B area
47. Toilet, HR area
48. Toilets, HR area
49. HR area, corbelled arch drain
50. HR area, Dead man's lane and First Street
51. HR area, large courtyard (room 70)
52. HR area, large courtyard (room 70) with blocked drain in the background
53. Dyer's Workshop, VS Area
54. Room of the Skeletons, HR Area
55. Blocked Corbelled Drain, HR Area
56. Wells and walls, DK-G Area
57. Looking down inside two rooms, DK-G area, near chief's house
58. Remodeled walls, DK-G area
59. Large Courtyard with mud brick filling, DK-G Area
60. Conservation and Remodeling, DK-G Area
61. Chief's House, DK-G Area
62. Chief's House, DK-G Area
63. Narrow Lane, DK-G Area
64. Blocked Street to the east of First Street, DK-G Area
65. First Street, DK-G Area
66. Narrow Streets and Drains, DK-G
67. Stairs leading to the second storey, DK-G Area
68. Narrow Streets, DK-G Area
69. Narrow Streets, DK-G Area
70. Traffic Control Block and Street, SD Area
71. Street with Limestone covered Drain SD Area
72. Limestone drain covers, SD Area
73. Covered Drain, SD Area
74. Covered drain, Divinity Ave, SD Area
Small well and platform, VS Area 75. Small well and platform, VS Area
76. Large Well, HR Area
77. Oval Well, SD Area
78. Public well, HR Area
79. Well and platform, DK-G Area
80. Private Well, DK-G