Mohenjo-daro Granary Wheeler Excavations [163 A] 27

REM Granary

Workmen are seen at different levels of the so called granary structure to provide scale for this massive building. The upper worker is sitting in a narrow walkway between blocks of brick foundations. The middle worker is standing next to a triangular area that appears to have been where a corbelled drain cut underneath the granary. This drain opening was later filled with bricks that have a different color. This important feature was not noted by Wheeler in his discussions of the granary and is not as clearly visible in the photo published by him in 1968 (Pl X). It would indicate that the substructure for the granary was made up of multiple buildings built on either side of a drain that was later filled in to create a massive platform. The final structures built on top of this platform are the blocks that Wheeler called the foundations for the wooden superstructure. The lower worker is standing at the base of what Wheeler interpreted as a loading platform. The access to this area was later blocked by the construction of buildings and a well that are seen at the bottom right.

Reference: Wheeler 1968: Plate X, Alcock 1986, Plate A

No. 163 A