Mohenjo-daro, "Granary" [177B] 25

REM Granary

Wheeler had workmen lifting bags of grain with ropes to illustrate his interpretation of the loading dock at the north edge of the so-called "granary". The square voids in the wall face would have been where wooden beams were inserted to support a wooden staircase or platforms. The areas where the workmen are standing would not have been a place to stand in antiquity.

In Civilizations of the Indus Valley and Beyond (Figure 12) Wheeler writes: "The granary stood on the steep verge of the citadel at Mohenjo-daro and at the western end of its north side was a recessed unloading bay. The figures hauling the sack up with rope indicate the present size of the structure; the other figure (top left) is crouching in the opening of one of the ventilation ducts. Originally there was a reinforcing interlace of timber and the holes and grooves left after the decay of the 5-inch square beams are clearly visible."

No. 177 B