Sculpture 44

Seated male sculpture with shell inlay still remaining in one eye. The braided or combed hair lays back straight and a plain fillet or ribbon encircles the head and falls down the back of the neck. Two strands of a ribbon or braided hair hang over the shoulder. The stylized ear is a simple cup shape with a hole in the center. The upper lip is shaved and a short combed beard covers the lower jaw. The forward projecting head and large lips may reflect a specific personality or may be due to the particular style of carving.

Slight traces of what may have been a cloak are visible on the back but the legs clearly visible and not totally covered with a garment as in other sculptures. The left arm is resting on top of the lowered left knee, while the right hand is resting on the upraised right leg. This sitting pattern is opposite of that seen on other sculptures.

Material: limestone
Mohenjo-daro, DK(i) 419
Mohenjo-daro Museum, MM432