Walking with the Unicorn: Social Organization and Material Culture in Ancient South Asia: Jonathan Mark Kenoyer Felicitation Volume

Walking with the Unicorn is an extraordinary volume and tribute to Jonathan Mark Kenoyer and his profound and extensive impact on the field of ancient Indus studies. Contributors include some 80% of the world's leading ancient Indus scholars. From the many personal testimonials included here, described at the end and beginning of almost every of the 45 illustrated articles, Kenoyer has encouraged, inspired and in many cases led numerous of these scholars through distinguished careers across five decades. The personal tributes in this Festschrift (the German word for a manuscript in celebration of an eminent person) contribute to the quality of this book; not only is it full of new research, it also shows how much individuals matter even as new analytic practices and discoveries pile up.

His generosity with research, opportunities and ideas comes through strongly (see longtime colleague Richard Meadow's Personal Reflections on some Contributions of Jonathan Mark Kenoyer to the Archaeology of Northwestern South Asia). Everyone seems to have benefitted from Kenoyer's expertise in beads, pottery, seal manufacture, the origins of silk and glass, shell working, just about anything ancient Indus-related. In an era of increasing specialization, he stands out as someone whose contributions have nourished numerous separate deep fields of research.

Indian and Pakistani colleagues are well-represented in the book. There are exciting new facts from the ground in the ancient Indus region, from Rakigarhi to Ganweriwala to Dholavira, as well as Oman and the Gulf region, where we are finding that a hybrid Indus culture with deep roots blossomed just as the Indus civilization seemed to have declined.

The 750 page book is expensive (110 pounds, but the ePub version is 16 pounds, with the electronic PDF file downloaded instantly from Archaeopress. We have been publishing a number of the open articles on this website; these are also available on Archaeopress. Below is a PDF of the Table of Contents, some of the initial pieces on Dr. Kenoyer, and a complete bibliography of his writings.

Walking with the Unicorn: Jonathan Mark Kenoyer Felicitation Volume
Edited by Dennys Frenez, Gregg M. Jamison, Randall W. Law, Massimo Vidale and Richard H. Meadow.
Paperback; 203x276mm; iv+300 pages; illustrated throughout in colour and black & white (96 plates in colour).
(Print RRP £110.00). 455 2018. Available both in printed and e-versions.
Printed ISBN 9781784919177. Epublication ISBN 9781784919184.