Ancient Indus Valley civilization sealings (the positive impressions made from seals).


One of the longer inscriptions made from a seal found during Mackay's excavations between 1927-1931 in Mohenjo-daro (D.K.


Seals were used to make a sealing, or positive imprint, like this modern resin one made from the original seal. Sealings were used in ancient times for trade.

Sealing find

One of the most exciting discoveries of the 1998 excavation season was finding a seal impression or sealing in a hearth of the Early Harappan Period (Kot Diji Phase, circa 2800 BCE). Here William Belcher is seen photographing the important discovery

Inscribed objects

A collection of inscribed objects found along the main street leading to the southern gateway of Mound E at Harappa. The fragmentary seal on the left is the earliest seal found to date, and depicts a bovine carved in a very archaic style.

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