Metal Objects

Ancient Indus Valley civilization metal objects.

Fiber pseudomorphs

Fiber pseudomorphs preserved by copper salts on the interior of the coiled copper necklace (Slide 38) have been analyzed using various techniques and determined to be silk from the wild silk moth, Antheraea mylitta, commonly called "Tussar" silk

Cooking vessel

Ledged cooking vessel with high neck and flaring rim. This metal vessel is almost identical to many terra cotta cooking vessels and was probably intended for a very wealthy family.


Plate with vertical sides. Copper and bronze plates were probably used exclusively by wealthy upper class city dwellers. Material: copper/bronze Dimensions: 4.3 cm height, 30.3 cm dia. Mohenjo-daro, DK 10781A National Museum, Karachi, NMP 52.1028

Ancient Indus Bangles

Two copper/bronze bangles, one from Harappa and the other from Mohenjo-daro. The bangles were made from a round hammered rod bent in a full circle. The space between the ends of the bangle would be pried apart to slip it over the wrist. Dimensions of