Metal Objects

Ancient Indus Valley civilization metal objects.

Fiber pseudomorphs

Fiber pseudomorphs preserved by copper salts on the interior of the coiled copper necklace (Slide 38) have been analyzed using various techniques and determined to be silk from the wild silk moth, Antheraea mylitta, commonly called "Tussar" silk

Two gold beads

These two gold bead were originally part of the same ornament. Thin gold foil was placed over the outside of a sandy core around a copper tube (H2000-4382/2087-02, Mound E, Trench 54).

Gold button

A button or sequin made of thin gold foil with a small interior loop for attachment to clothing. This piece was found crumpled into a small wad, possibly in preparation for remelting to make a new ornament. (H2000-4445/2212-01, Mound E, Trench 54).


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