Harappa, Punjab ancient Indus civilization excavations, figurines, seals and other objects.

Drain, Harappa

Excavated by the Harappa Archaeological Research Project in 1993, this large corbelled drain was built in the middle of an abandoned gateway at Harappa to dispose of rainwater and sewage.


Early Harappan female figurine holding a bowl in her two hands. The face is painted with bold eyes and a necklace with pendant beads is painted at the throat.

Two Gaming Pieces

This excerpt refers to mound F excavations in Extension Ab. "Another trial trench which had to be cut through a thick layer of earth and debris revealed a huge mass of broken earthen vessels of different shapes and designs varying in size from small


While it may be surmised that these two circular stones are well-placed in the yoni display case (see linga for Marshall's discussion), Dr. Kenoyer writes of these objects (Ancient Cities , p. 109): "The circle is also a protective symbol that