Indus Objects at the National Museum of Pakistan, Karachi

A new 37 (to start) slide section takes the viewer through the ancient Indus pieces at the National Museum of Pakistan in Karachi. Pakistan's ancient Indus holdings are actually scattered across provincial, national and site museum collections. The National Museum holds some of the oldest ancient Indus objects discovered during the 1920s in Mohenjo-daro by a variety of archaeologists, including the famous "priest-king" and a number of figurines (like the terracotta one above) that are unique.

The images are accompanied by text from Dr. Jonathan Mark Kenoyer and other scholars. One of the most interesting thing about the objects, unlike objects in museums generally, is that actually so little is known about many of them. Aside from composition, location and speculation, little can be said about a number of the pieces, leaving with the viewer with a lot to think about.

Visit Indus @ the National Museum of Pakistan, Karachi.