In Search of Meluhha: The Story of Mohenjodaro


The talented filmmaker Saqib Mausoof's work on Mohenjo-daro integrates the ancient into lived experience from individual viewpoints of a range of people inspired by Mohenjodaro, ideas about it, and its iconic artifacts; Mohenjo-daro ought to be far better known, and conserved and it can mean many things to us. As such the film doesn’t provide a full or entirely accurate story of how it was discovered. As the curator of, one of those interviewed suggests, explanations we give now may never be proven, or they might be wrong, but they are important milestones in the route to unknown discoveries in the future.

In Saqib Mausoofs own words:"In Search of Meluhha frames the Indus Valley Civilization within the current context of South Asia. Recent Indus floods have highlighted the precarious nature of the Indus River Delta. New research has shown the Indus Civilization existed at a ‘Goldilocks moment’. With the thawing of tensions between India and Pakistan, In Search of Meluhha is a kind of Goldilocks project that presents a view of pre-history irrespective of nationalist or religious identity. The filmmakers begin the Story of Mohenjodaro with breathtaking visuals that take the viewers to the flood plains of Indus River. The narrative is driven by insightful interviews that articulate subject’s relation to Indus valley civilization and the inspiring effect it has had on their identity as artists, artisans and activists. As a short form documentary, In Search of Meluhha presents a rare opportunity to experience the remnants of a unique civilization and to learn from our combined human experience."