Remote Past & Recent Past


The distinguished Indian archaeologist talks about the preconceptions and limitations of Indian archaeology, reflecting on "the kind of subtle points that don't always get taught in archaeology departments." She takes on the "Pashupati" seal, Marshall's (messy) notes from Mohenjo-daro, national ideology, other archaeologists, Rakigarhi and more in a wide-ranging and fascinating lecture that helps show how "the recent past is intruding on the remote past," as she puts it so nicely.

From the video description:
Archeologist and professor Shereen Ratnagar in this lecture organised by Committee for the Protection of Democratic Rights (CPDR), talks about the unsatisfactory beginning of archeology in India. She argues that archeology is a social science and there are many ways archeologists can go wrong. Drawing from many real life examples where wrong archeological analysis in the past has resulted in wrong analysis leading to the wrong history being studied, she describes how the recent past is intruding into the remote past.

Introducing CPDR and Shereen is Susan Abraham.
This video was shot on November 9. 2017 at a gathering of the Bombay Union of Journalists.

Produced by: VIVEK SUNDARA
Camera & Edit: Satyen K. Bordoloi
Brought to you by: Truth Deserves You Production