Ancient Indus Civilization Videos

50 ancient Indus civilization videos curated by Ilona Aronovsky (the few worth watching).
Image of the Curator at the Harappa Museum
12:00 (from 14.30-26.00) Michael Wood

Michael Wood's BBC Documentary series on the history of India, blocked to UK viewers for copyright reasons, however viewable elsewhere in the world.

7:40 Amar Jaleel

Walking tour of Mohenjo-daro in 2013. High Quality footage, some captions, no commentary, very useful for education purposes - to introduce the site, and promote discussion of its key features and buildings. Includes the Museum & shows damage done by erosion.


Professor Ratnagar critiques environmental theories as the sole explanation for the End of the Harappan Tradition, and suggests political collapse of the state is a crucial consideration.


Urdu/Hindi. Nice shots of the site, but a lot of talking heads, sometimes accurate, sometimes not.

17:02 Rajesh P.N. Rao

A fascinating public lecture about the Tata Institute research and what a mathematical approach to the Indus script can suggest.