Harappa to Lahore From Sunrise to Sunset


A beautiful music video taking you to the ancient and modern town and surroundings of Harappa, from the magnificent banyan tree in the museum garden, to the galleries, bones and pottery. It shows how something can be reconstructed by an artist from a single shard and takes you to the so-called granary and other Harappan ruins, to the mounds and the unexcavated areas of the site, surrounded by the rich fields of Punjab. It shows us the bazaar today, the cool sharbat welcoming, and the house of Mohammed Nawaz, whose family and collaborators have helped revive many of the ancient Indus forms and designs with the same mud thrown on the same kind of potters wheels and heated in reconstructed ovens. The film also goes to the famous Lahore Museum, under whose Inheriting Harappa exhibition auspices this video was made as part of a UNESCO-funded project. Seven high-quality minutes.