Archaeology of Ancient Balochistan

Slideshow on the excavations in Balochistan resulted in new evidence from surrounding and earlier cultures to the ancient Indus tradition. By Ute Franke-Vogt.

1. Map of southeastern Iran and Pakistan
2. Satellite image of Las Bela
3. Salt desert near Taftan, Quetta
4. Desert near Taftan, Quetta
5. Kanrach valley: upper Windar
6. Persian wheel near Diwana
7. Petra at the level at Murda Sang
8. Map of archaeological sites in the Kanrach Valley
9. Graph showing sites by type and location
10. Fortress of Rakhia Kot, Kanrach Valley
11. View over Kanri Buthi, Bahlol Valley
12. View of Hadera Dhan, Las Bela
13. Chinese porcelain and imitation from Kaiara Kot
14. Palmhuts of shepherds, on Andhar Range
15. Team 1998
16. Landscape in northern Las Bela
17. Landscape in southern Las Bela
18. Surface at Adam Buthi
19. Plan of Adam Buthi
20. Stone and mud-brick walls
21. Stone architecture
22. Stone architecture in Trench I, view from top
23. Handmade vessel
24. Pottery from layer 1
25. Silex cores and scrapers
26. Blades from different layers
27. Shell- and bone fragments, carnelian bead and flint drill
28. Map of southeastern Balochistan
29. Polychrome Nal pottery
30. Black-slipped bowl
31. View of southwestern portion of the mound
32. Section IA-B (Niai Buthi)
33. Stone architecture below mud-brick platform
34. View of section IC, northeastern edge of mound
35. Pottery from the surface, northwestern part
36. Pottery from section IB (Niai Buthi)
37. Pottery from section IB (Niai Buthi)
38. Pottery from section IC (Niai Buthi)
39. Trench II, western slope of the mound (Niai Buthi)
40. Trench II, levels 5 - 7 (Niai Buthi)
41. Tr. II: hearth in level 5 (Niai Buthi)
42. Pottery with typical pattern from the surface
43. Orange-red "Nal"-beaker with typical pattern
44. Storage jar from NB Tr. II
45. Polychrome knobbed "Nal-ware"
46. Polychrome "Nal"-ware with figurative design
47. Polychrome "Nal"-bowl with typical pattern
48. Faiz Mohammad Grey ware bowl, surface, section IA
49. Bracket-pattern
50. Black-slipped pottery, Togau hooks
51. TC painted bull figurines
52. Coarse storage jar sherd with graffito
53. View from the fortification over the central part of the site
54. Stone architecture (Murda Sang)
55. River section, from west (Murda Sang)
56. Two adjoined buildings (Murda Sang)
57. Typical fine orange pottery
58. Canister pot with typical plant motif
59. Shoulder with fish motif
60. "Imitation" of Togau D pottery
61. Over-fired Togau D bowl and ring stands
62. Showing sediments and a band of humus
63. Shells from the deep levels of the sounding in Murda Sang
64. Toori, Loi Valley, from northwest
65. Staircase at Kariya Buthi, Hab River
66. Natural Hills
67. Bakkar Buthi, above the Kanrach River
68. Bakkar Buthi, view of areas B and A
69. Section A, north (Bakkar Buthi)
70. Occupation layers above virgin soil
71. Plenum, Hearth
72. Unbaked clay vessel
73. Uppermost Architecture
74. Red-slipped pedestal with inscription
75. Large "bomb"
76. Black-on-red ware sherd
77. Red slipped pottery
78. Plain buff ware, various layers (Bakkar Buthi)
79. String-cut beaker
80. Buff vessel, (Bakkar Buthi)