K.N. Dikshit 25

K. N. Dikshit's grandaughter Veena Mandrekar writes "K. N. Dikshit 2nd from the top row in the middle wearing a pagadi. It was given by a society to distinguish him as a scholar amongst scholars. He received 2 in his lifetime. Standing directly behind him is his wife, Yashoda bai Dikshit. The woman 2 away on her right, carrying a baby was Yashoda bai's older widowed sister. 2 people to Yashoda bai's left, was Mrs. Lagoo, carrying her son, Sri Ram Lagoo. The girl seated on the ground is Mandakini Dikshit and her two brothers are on either side of her at shoulder level, Padmakar to the right of her, Arvind Dikshit to the left. All 3 are K.N. Dikshit's children."