Deep Sounding, Mohenjo-daro [41] 41


Deep sounding at the southwestern edge of the so-called "Granary". The excavator is standing in water that has accumulated due to the high water-table. Th brick structure at the bottom of this trench is a large fired brick drain, Drain A in Wheeler 1968 fold out section drawing facing page 44. The facing section shows that Wheeler cut right through a massive mud brick fortification or revetment wall, called "Bund 1". The steps on the right allow workers to get access to the lowest levels of the trench. Excavations reached another 2.6 meters below the level shown in this photo, but further work was not possible due to the fact that water kept filling the trench. Photos of this trench at a later stage of excavation are published in Alcock 1986 Plates B and C.

No. 41 "1032 41" penciled in at different times