Narrow Mohenjo-daro Street [141] 51

Area not known

Narrow street or alley way that runs underneath later walls. Although the area is not certain, it is probably associated with the REM granary excavation. The lowest level shows three rows of brick on edge in association with a brick paving and a small wall that is one brick wide. Bricks set on edge were usually used on stairs on in areas that had lots of wear, such as bathing platforms. Two parallel brick walls were built on top of these lower structures and appear to be part of a solid platform of fired brick as was used in the so-called granary. A later structure seen in the background was built on top of these solid platforms and over the narrow street that was filled with debris. The slumping of the uppermost brick wall above the area of the street illustrates the problems of building on soft fill.

No. 141 Duplicated (same as 1)