International Symposium on Mohenjodaro

Proceedings of International Symposium on Mohenjodaro 1973

Papers by M. Rafique Mughal, Ahmed Nabi Khan, F.A. Khan, and many others. Some nice photographs of the site, some depicting damage from water logging and salinity, as well as the honorable delegates including Z.A. Bhutto, who opened the conference, and Sir Mortime Wheeler who attended.

M. Rafique Mughal has a lengthy essay on the "Present State of Research on the Indus Valley Civilization," summing up among other things some of the new finds along the Ghaggar-Hakra River, followed by a summary of the discussions that ensued between Wheeler, George F. Dales (who had done some small excavations at the site in 1964-65), F.A. Khan and others. M.A. Halim discusses "Kot Diji and Moenjodaro," Ahmed Nabi Khan offers "The Indus Valley Script: A Survey of Attempts for its Decipherment," among a half-dozen other essays. There are a number of addresses by dignitaries, as well 40 or so pages on the Master Plan for saving and rehabilitating the site. Appendices include a list of delegates, the detailed programme, and as is usual on these occasions, a list of musicians who performed Sindhi folk music at the conclusion of the conference.