Ancient Indus civilization textile related materials.

Kids in Mohenjo-daro

These two local boys decided to hang out in the ancient city after delivering a pot of milk to their father who is one of the site watchmen. The distinctive decorated hat worn by the older boy is worn throughout Sindh province in Pakistan.

Copper razor

A copper razor (H2000/2164-01) was found in the debris layers at the edge of the kiln dump in Trench 54. Wrapped with fibers, pseudomorphs and impressions of which are preserved in the in the corroded copper, this type of curved razor may have been


Early Harappan female figurine holding a bowl in her two hands. The face is painted with bold eyes and a necklace with pendant beads is painted at the throat.

Fiber pseudomorphs

Fiber pseudomorphs preserved by copper salts on the interior of the coiled copper necklace (Slide 38) have been analyzed using various techniques and determined to be silk from the wild silk moth, Antheraea mylitta, commonly called "Tussar" silk