Ancient Indus civilization steatite objects.

Harappan Pendant

Among the most unique of ancient Indus objects, it inspired Dr. Kenoyer to surmise that "perhaps the most intriguing aspects of the ancient Indus culture are the religion and politics, which appear to have been closely intertwined."

Monkey Figurine

Another example where Indus craftsmen are able to imbue a tiny figurine with indelible character. Marshall wrote (Mohenjo-daro, pp. 351): "No 13 (DK 2091), which is 1.5 inches high, is a delightful little figure of a monkey squatting with hands on

Steatite beads

These tiny steatite beads were found in the Harappan cemetery and come from an elaborate hair ornament worn by a male individual. Each bead is less than .01 cm long and less than .01 cm diameter.