Mound F

Harappa Mound F (the "Granary") related images.

Part of an antler

Part of an antler, including the burr and the brow tine, shed from a large deer, probably sambhar (Cervus unicolor) or swamp deer (Cervus duvauceli) (H99-3828/8763-01 from Trench 43). This specimen may have been used as a pick or possibly a punch for

Harappan Kiln

Period 4 (Late Harappan transitional) kiln with hollow lower fire box and arched floor with holes for allowing heat to enter the upper firing chamber. This type of kiln was introduced at Harappa ca.

"Granary area"

Limited excavations in the granary area at Harappa starting in 1997 (Trench 41 area) and 1999 have begun a new examination of this important building, first excavated in the 1920s.

Circular platform

In 1998, the circular platform first exposed by Sir Mortimer Wheeler in 1946 was re-exposed and the area around the platform was expanded to reveal the presence of the room in which it was enclosed.