Button Seals

Ancient Indus Valley civilization and earlier button seals.

Mundigak Stone Seals

The center stone button seal is from Period IV (2900-2400 BCE), while the right most stone button seal is similar to ones from Period II (3500-3400 BCE) and Period III (3400-2900 BCE). "Stone seals appear in Mundigak in their most crude form of

Button seal

This fired steatite button seal from the Kot Dijian Phase (Period 2, 2800-2600 BCE) shows a unique pattern that may be an early form of the Harappan script sign that may represent "house" or "temple."

Button seal

Button seal from the upper layers of Mound AB. Although this seal was found in mixed deposits dating to the Harappan and Late Harappan Periods, the carving suggests that it is actually an Early Harappan seal, dating to around 2800-2600 BCE.