Harappa, Punjab ancient Indus civilization excavations, figurines, seals and other objects.

Indus narrative tablets

Although neither of these specific molded terracotta tablet pieces comes from Trench 11, four less well preserved examples from the same mold(s) were found in debris outside of the perimeter wall in that area, clearly establishing a second half of

Bead Pot

Initial probing to determine the contents of this small pot (79) from Trench 38, Late Harappan Period, revealed the presence of carnelian and faience beads.

Unicorn seal

Unicorn seal (H2000-4500/10007-01) after conservation. Note the deeply chiseled engraving of the script similar to that found particularly on Period 3C rectangular seals.

Bead Pot

Careful excavations of the pot by J. M. Kenoyer required several weeks. This was done in the evenings after other excavation lab work was finished. The pot and its contents were photographed before and after each layer was removed.