Harappa, Punjab ancient Indus civilization excavations, figurines, seals and other objects.


Late Harappan Period Dish-on-stand from Harappa with a hole in the center of the dish that may have been used for a special ritual purpose. The dish is pedestaled on a heavy base with triple ridges.

Trench 11 excavations

The Trench 11 area showing the perimeter wall (on the left), the curtain wall, and the Period 3C drain that cut deeply into the Period 3B deposits (see the labeled plan in 72). The sediments outside of the perimeter wall are hard packed ashy debris

Large burial urn

Late Harappan Period large burial urn with ledged rim for holding a bowl-shaped lid. The painted panel around the shoulder of the vessel depicts flying peacocks with sun or star motifs and wavy lines that may represent water.