Jonathan Mark Kenoyer

Slides on the archaeology and excavation of ancient Indus Valley sites including Harappa by Jonathan Mark Kenoyer of the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Tiger? figurine

Tiger or leopard figurine with incised facial features, including punctated dots on the face that could be whisker marks. This figurine depicts a normal feline without horns or human face and therefore probably represents the actual wild animal.

Elephant head

Elephant head with stylized wide spread ears. Traces of red and white paint bands are visible on the face. Painting of elephants for ritual processions is a common practice in traditional India and the main colors are red and white. This figurine may

Monkey figurine

Triple monkey figurine amulet with hole in center. This miniature carved faience bead or pin ornament shows three monkeys in tight embrace with amused expressions on their faces. Possibly placed on a stick or cord. Possibly molded and carved.


Hollow egg shaped whistles may have been used for making music and for accompaniment to singers, a tradition that is still present in rural areas of Pakistan and India.