Happy New Year 2024

We turned 28 this year - founded in 1995! - and wish the thousands of people who come to the site every day from all over the world to learn about the ancient Indus civilization a very Happy New Year.

A lot happened this year, with much new material including many new articles and videos, and renewed attention to our Twitter channel. There are now over 300 peer-reviewed articles on the site, over 50 videos of which almost are on our YouTube channel, and thousands of slide and essay pages. More is coming in the coming year.

As ever, many thanks to Vasant Dave, Ilona Aronovsky, Nadine Zubair, Jeff Turner, and of course Dr. Jonathan Mark Kenoyer for all their support and critical help over the year.

And yes, we are a non-profit - learn more about donating to our advertising-free site.

- Omar Khan
San Francisco